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Are you in the midstof a career transition?
Are you at a crossroads in  your life?
Do you seek a keener sense of your Life's Mission?
Are you confused about dynamics with your life mate, family members, friends or co-workers?
Do you feel anxiety in the face of a big decision?

IMAGINE if you could:

  • Reframe painful experiences:  Gain fresh and neutral understanding so that psychological and emotional healing can begin

  • Identify your Life Purpose:  Take the next steps on your Journey with intent and enthusiasm

  • Identify ways of thinking/being which hold you back

  • Reconnect with long buried dreams and take inspired, pro-active steps to actualize them

Isabelle Choinere-CorreaHello, I am Isabelle Choiniere-Correa.  For over twenty years, I have had the honor of championing hundreds of Artists and Business Professionals in their quest for self-knowledge and the manifestation of their deepest dreams.

While my readings gather information from the past and look at possible future scenarios, my focus is on the present time.  It is here, now, that you incubate what you are and what your life becomes. 

You are the captain of your ship, you decide which course to chart. You need to be PRESENT to make appropriate corrections to your course in order to reach the destination you set out for.  My readings help you prepare for the contrary winds and storms you may encounter on your journey.

Intuitive Readings For Business Professionals

  • RECEIVE insights directly applicable to your business or career.
  • EXPLORE different scenarios for expansion.
  • MAKE winning choices when selecting your associates, employers or employees
  • NAVIGATE your path to abundance and success with more ease
  • RECOGNIZE right timing for making changes vs. staying the course.

Intuitive Readings For Individuals Just Entering The Work Force

  • MAKE career choices according to your innate gifts and abilities (identified through a Life Purpose reading).
  • LEARN to recognize the right allies and mentors.
  • PRACTICE techniques to help you stay in charge of your career path no matter where you are within your organization’s “totem pole”.


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